Ginny Weisman

Reboot Station Volunteer Nurse

The Reboot Station on West 11th is where you’ll find CSS volunteer and retired nurse Ginny Weisman, three afternoons a week.

This new CSS hygiene program provides a shower, fresh clothes, a health care check, and a hot meal to anyone who stops by. Ginny’s skillset and caring personal presence is a welcome addition. 

“I’m very happy to be a part of this Reboot Station,” Ginny says. “It really gives me a good feeling to help folks who are in distress or maybe have some health issues.”

Ginny’s “office” is a table with medical supplies, close to the portable shower stall.

Spider bites is one of the worst things she sees on a regular basis. The bites show up as big sores, red and swollen and very painful. Ginny changes the dressing, if there is any, cleans up the wound, and maybe offers an ibuprofen to dull the pain.

“If you’re sleeping outside for a while, that’s what happens,” she says. “Lots of spider bites. It can be very tough for people.”

One person has very serious burn scars from the knees to the ankles. Ginny changes the dressings when needed, making sure there’s no infection. Some folks need a Band-Aid or two, or someone to just check in with.

Ginny also helps pass out new socks and underwear, shirts, pants, and jackets, all donated from the Mission. “Nothing makes you feel so good as a nice warm shower, fresh underwear, and clean socks!”

Ginny is a retired RN with 50 years’ experience in a variety of hospitals and other medical settings. Her last job was as a nurse in Alaska for 20 years.

She moved to Eugene a few years ago to be near her son. A friend who was bringing some donated items to CSS brought her to the Reboot Station, where she was introduced around. When Ginny mentioned she was a retired nurse, she was asked if she’d be interested in coming in as a volunteer. “I just couldn’t turn it down,” she says.

Ginny has quickly become a valued member of the Reboot team.

“Ginny’s caring personality, kind face, and skills in nursing are a great addition to the Reboot Station crew,” says Daisy Mills of the CSS team. “Her presence means that unhoused community members can receive health counselling on how to best care for their wounds or be directed to receive medical attention if necessary.”

Says Ginny, “Really, we could all use a place to come where there’s friendly people and you’re just accepted for whoever you are, no matter your circumstances.”