Do you want a personal and lasting symbol that represents your support of Community Supported Shelters?


Participate in the CSS Adopt-a-Hut Program because it is a meaningful way to support our work and to create memories.

Here’s how it works:

Any individual, group or organization that donates $3,000 or more after April 15, 2021 has the option of having a hut dedicated in their name or the name of someone that you choose.  The Adopt-a-Hut Program includes:

  • A plaque to be placed on an existing Conestoga Hut in a CSS Camp with one of the following phrases:
    • This hut is sponsored/funded by [name]
    • This hut is in memory of [name]
    • This hut is dedicated to [name]
  • The option to arrange a brief ceremony that involves the placing of the plaque and a photograph to remember the occasion.
  • The option to be highlighted in our CSS newsletter.

Adopting a hut is a meaningful way to…

  • Recognize your financial contribution to CSS
  • Honor a significant birthday or other milestone of a CSS supporter
  • Honor a loved one who has passed away
  • Give a meaningful gift for any occasion
  • Publicize support from an organization


  • If I give more than $3,000, can I adopt more than one hut?

Each increment of $3,000 will result in the option to adopt an additional hut.  For example, you can adopt 2 huts with a donation of $6,000, 3 huts with a donation of $9,000, etc.

  • Can I put multiple names on the plaque?

The number of names will be limited by the space on the plaque.

  • Can I pick the hut I adopt and/or the camp that the hut is in?

Yes!  It is wonderful if you have a special connection to a particular camp or a particular hut.  If the hut is occupied, we will have to take the needs and interests of the hut resident into consideration. If you do not have a preference, we will pick a hut for you.

  • Can I sponsor the person living in the hut?

At this time, we have an adopt-a-hut program, but we do not have a camper sponsorship program.

  • Can multiple individuals or families sponsor a hut together?

Absolutely!  It can be a great strategy to pool resources to adopt a hut and we encourage collaboration.

  • Is $3,000 the cost of a hut?

Not necessarily.  The cost of a hut changes based largely on the cost of materials.

  • If I gave $3,000 or more in the past, can I use that donation to adopt a hut?

We are so grateful for donations that you have made in the past.  Your support is what allows us to do our important work.  Only donations made on or after April 15, 2021 will be considered for hut adoption as outlined in this program.

  • If I adopt a hut do I have to be identified in the newsletter?

It is up to you whether you are included in our newsletter.  We will be sure to ask your preference.

  • How long will the huts and camps exist?

Huts typically last for 3 to 4 years before they need to be upgraded.  A plaque will remain with a refurbished or replaced hut. The future of the camps themselves is unknown, but we expect that our camps will exist for years to come.  If a camp is closed for any reason, we will either transfer the plaque to another camp or make the plaque available to the adopter.  In either case, we will do our best to communicate with you about any changes to the hut you have adopted.

For more info, contact Pujita Mayeda at