At the heart of each SSC is a built-in program for social engagement between CSS staff (Action Plan Advisers), Safe Spot volunteer staff, and Safe Spot participants. The main purpose of these relationships is to develop and steward a positive peer-environment to support individuals working to get off the streets. Within this program of social engagement, we work to:

  • Assist participants in meeting personal goals
  • Meet people at their unique place
  • Teach self-responsibility and the value of following basic rules
  • Provide a peer-supported environment to overcome anti-social behavior
  • Demonstrate teamwork to solve problems and overcome barriers

We believe, from our experience, that many people who have had to endure life on the streets need time to recover from tough and traumatic experiences before being ready for an independent living situation in a conventional form of housing. This is best accomplished through a group-living environment where people can truly relate to each other’s experiences and build a personal supportive community to assist in making personal progress.

“Every single person is an individual with different reasons and different causes. One of the great things about Community Supported Shelters is they take people on their own ability. Not everybody has the same capability, and they’re willing to work with everybody.”

—Jeff Howard, SSC Program Participant