With the help of our incredible volunteers, the work of Community Supported Shelters is made possible. Some people help build huts, some help with fundraising events, others help with office work or in our garden. Maybe you have some way that you think might be helpful to give your own time!

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If you are interested in getting involved, fill out the form below & book a space on one of our upcoming tours to learn about our programs.

Here is a list of our current volunteer needs:

Projects Crew

Help us keep our shop projects moving forward. We’re looking for 3-4 people to work with our Project Coordinators on a variety of tasks including:  pre-fabrication work on huts, basic decking and other construction, path creation, landscaping activities, etc… Skills desired include basic handy person and carpentry skills, comfort with power tools, ability to lift and carry items.

Time request: Thursday mornings at 9am for 2-3 hours

Work Party Meal Preparers & Hosts

You or your group prepares a full meal for 18 folks (on average) and brings it to the Safe Spot work party location (most often at the camps). Set up the meal on a table and serve it to our hardworking campers.

Time Request: 1 time per month, approx. 1.5 hours, not including meal preparation

Landscape Lovers

We tore out the asphalt and gravel and have built up some nice soil which is now growing many kinds of berries and tree fruits. We are looking for people who want to help support our model of sustainable living by maintaining the gardens, fruit trees, and landscaping at our office. Provide beautification for the area that serves as a meeting space and where we conduct tours. Tools and water supply on-site.

Time Request: Variable, based on your availability


Updates and manages content on our website. Supports our mission by keeping information current to help us advertise our Camp Tours, ways people can contribute, Staff and Board of Directors information, other website development content, etc…

Skills in Web development and maintenance and WordPress required.

Time Request: 3-4 hours per month