Community Supported Shelters

Safe shelter for those in need

No matter who you are, you have something to share

The idea behind Community Supported Shelters is that with everybody giving a little we create a lot of opportunities for basic shelter. It’s like the Stone Soup Story of shelters for the weary! Whether you can give Time, Materials, or Money every little bit helps to make the gift of shelter and supportive community available to someone in need.

Ways can you can contribute

  • Donate left over building materials.
  • Help us connect with businesses that have leftover building materials.
  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation and sign up to participate during a build time.
  • Give small or large amounts of money.


  • Eugene Safe Spot #3 is schedule to open in early December. It will be located right next to the Vet Safe Spot and will also be giving priorities to Veterans in need.
  • Thanks to all the people who donated goods, time, or money to our 2nd Annual Month-Long Fundraiser. We raised a total of $13,100 to support the continuation of CSS projects.
  • During our July fundraiser CSS received its determination letter from the IRS stating that CSS is now an official 501c3 non-profit organization! (EIN # is 46-2377054)